Two Carpentries Instructor Trainings delivered by RSTNL and Netherlands eScience Center

By Lieke

RSTNL and the Netherlands eScience Center organised two Carpentries Instructor Trainings for Dutch member institutions of the Carpentries in 2023.  The Instructor Trainings took place at the Amsterdam Science Park. Employees from silver, gold, or platinum Carpentries member institutions (you can check that here) could follow this training to become a certified Carpentries Instructor. When certified, participants will be able to teach at official Carpentries workshops, and join the Carpentries Instructor community. The training is a great way to build a reputation and improve on teaching skills. The course included practicing teaching live-coding, and many pedagogical techniques that serve the participants as teachers in other contexts too.

Participants at the Carpentries Instructor Training on 31 October and 1 November 2023

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