Train The Trainer

The Carpentries Instructor Training

The Netherlands eScience Center organises The Carpentries Instructor Training for Dutch Carpentries members organisations. Contact Mateusz Kuzak to learn more.

Instructor Trainers

Lieke de Boer, Scientific Community Manager

The Netherlands eScience Center

Mateusz Kuzak, Training Programme Lead

The Netherlands eScience Center

Instructor Training, June 21, 2022, Amsterdam

In June eScience Center organised the Carpentries Instructor Training for the new Dutch members of the Carpentries. Seventeen participants from Netherlands CWI, Differ Institute, eScience Center, Tilburg and Vrij Universities joined this two-day workshop packed with practical pedagogical skills.

Collaborative Lesson Development Training

We are planning to organise training on good practices in lesson design and development and open source collaboration skills based on Collaborative Lesson Development Training developed together with the Carpentries.