About the network

Research Software Training NL (established in late 2021) is a network bringing together and facilitating training organizations in the Netherlands in the areas of research software, programming skills, applied data science, computational skills and open source.

Vision and mission

It is our vision that in the Netherlands, all academic researchers will have excellent programming skills, in order to push the methodological and scientific boundaries of their research areas. The community, therefore, has as its mission to maintain, contribute and advance the training capacity for research software in the Dutch academic ecosystem. We put this into practice by facilitating collaboration on research software training in the Dutch academic landscape.

The community evolved from a meeting in 2020 with various stakeholders, organized by Paula Martinez Lavanchy (4TU.ResearchData and TU Delft), Mateusz Kuzak (Netherlands eScience Center) and Carlos Teijeiro Barjas (SURF).

Overview of our activities

Overview & Resources. Provide an online overview of organizations, training activities, materials and trainers in the Netherlands.

Network. Facilitate networking and knowledge exchange via meetups and online channels (e.g. mailing lists).

Train-the-trainer. Help in organizing Instructor Training from The Carpentries to trainers in the network.


The website and activities are currently supported by the Netherlands eScience Center, the national center of expertise for research software. Other primary stakeholders include 4TU.ResearchData.

Community Manager Lieke de Boer serves as the contact person.